The Dying Hippos

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Introducing; The Dying Hippos! They're Hip 2.0, They're Fresh and all three of 'em are on the list of Endangered Species! But they're not letting their heads down, No sir-ie. And how could they anyway, while there are so many Hippochicks wavin' their tailfeather? Excactly, they can' this is for all you Hippostuds out there; "Just Close Your Eyes And Fantasize!"


Robbert Verwijlen zang + synth Sinds 01-08-2008
Ingo Dassen gitaar Sinds 01-08-2008
Steven Stoffers bas Sinds 01-08-2008
Freek Oyen drums Sinds 01-08-2008
Tijl Boone sax Sinds 01-08-2008


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Stijl: Electrocock
Vanaf: 01-08-2008 - nu
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The Dying Hippos!

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