The Zeroes

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Somewhere around januari 1978 a bunch of musical friends around the age of 20 made their masterplan: they would form a band to play simple, energetic and provoking punksongs and with these songs they would conquer the world, to begin with the Netherlands. Their inspiration came from bands like The Sex Pistols and The Stranglers. Some of the members had already been playing in bands, which were not unsuccesfull in their home environment (from Beneden-Leeuwen to Nijmegen), but they wanted more. They took their chance when they met Frank Nendels, a student in psychology with little musical experience, but with a lot of guts and charisma. At the end of their first saterday afternoon rehearsel they had a name for the band, nicknames for all the members and a handfull of punky songs. From that day on there was a chemistry between all five Zeroes that not only brought about two years of staggering performances with a variety of punksongs, but also a lifelong friendship with a lot of hilarious meetings troughout the years, eventually leading to a a reunion in the year 2000!

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Voormalige bezetting

Frankie Nipple zang Van 1978 tot
Ronnie Reble gitaar Van 1978 tot
Archie Woodcutter gitaar Van 1978 tot
Limpy Sucker drums Van 1978 tot
Honey Turbo Bee bas Van 1978 tot


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Vanaf: 1978 - 1980
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