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Joey Fell was born in '85, doing jamsessions during the 4-week occupation of the university Erasmus-building. From the beginning on the band played their own rock 'n' roll, being proudly influenced by heroes such as
the Who, the Stones, ACDC, the American singer-songwriters, the Dutch rockers, the British punkrock and everybody else from whom everybody learned how to do it.
The line-up was in fact Henk-Jan on guitar and vocals, Peter on guitar, vocals and drums and Jef on bassguitar.
Throughout the years the band has had a problem finding the right drummer to the music. Some of Nijmegens finest R&R- and punkrock drummers have helped the band continuing their existance. Even Chaos (yes, the..) assisted Joey Fell for a short period of time.
The brief but fierce contribution of Chaos' drumming had a powerful influence on the Joey Fell rock 'n' roll, resulting into nice new compositions and stormous live performances. However, the relationship didn't last very long. Basically the looks were allright, but the characters didn't match, so to speak. Chaos went on playing real hardcore and metal (Ultimate Sabotage, MXM Bob), and Joey Fell continued looking for the rhythm.

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Voormalige bezetting

Henk-Jan (onbekend) zang/gitaar Van 1985 tot 01-12-1991
Peter (onbekend) gitaar/zang/drums Van 1985 tot 01-12-1991
Jef (onbekend) bas/zang Van 1985 tot 01-12-1991
Harold (onbekend) drums Van 1985 tot 01-12-1991
Chaos (onbekend) drums Van 1985 tot 01-12-1991
Martijn (onbekend) zang/gitaar Van 1985 tot 01-12-1991


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Stijl: R'n'R
Vanaf: 1985 - 01-12-1991
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